Wholesale Tapers And Expanders

Tapers are a piece of jewelry used in the piercing industry to modify the size of a piercing. The use of a taper makes it a more accessible method in the stretching technique of a pierced area. Tapers and Expanders are more frequently used to stretch your ears. Although a part of the piercing industry, tapers can only be used in the process of stretching an existing piercing not to pierce. Tapers are a straight piece of jewelry either steel, wood or acrylic graduated in size from small to large, normally beginning with the larger part and ending with a small point. Inserting a taper in the body will slowly increase the size of the piercing. Generally a taper is used until your desired gauge size is reached. Tapers can come in many lengths and gauge sizes. The jewelry commonly used after a taper has stretched a piercing is known as Plugs and Flesh Tunnels. We carry this item in a variety of displays, individual units, wholesale quantities and small packages.

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