Wholesale Belly Rings (Navel piercing)

Belly Rings can be construed in many ways. Although not historically nor scientifically proven, Belly rings are said to have been worn in the early ages by Egyptian men first such as the royal Pharaohs as a sign of wealth, stature and manliness. Belly Rings also known as navel piercings were believed to be strongly displayed as the connection of life on Earth to Eternity. Today in recent culture it is said to be worn by both men and women as a sign of sexiness and appeal. In modern times, we conclude that the piercing of the navel gained its popularity via the Fashion Industry when it was introduced on the runway by well known Model Christy Turlington. Since then the belly ring is known to have found its home into the Fashion Industry as a statement piece. The belly rings or navel piercings most familiar shape is a curved barbell making it an ideal fit in the belly button area. Due to the belly rings shape it is also referred to a lot as belly bananas .This jewelry piece comes in many different styles and sizes. Its design possibility is limitless. The belly rings known standard size is 3/8" (10mm). However, we also offer them in sizes 1/2", 9/16" and 5/16" (8mm, 12mm & 14mm) for all piercing stages. When first piercing your navel area, you should keep the ring in until the area is fully healed. This can take up to a year. The navel rings standard material is surgical steel although it can come in many different materials (Acrylic, Titanium, etc.). We carry a large amount of Belly Displays, per piece belly rings, bulk wholesale items, etc.

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