Wholesale Surface Piercing and Straight Bars

Surface Piercings are a unique and expressive piercing method that has been derived into many different categories. Surface piercings can be known as hip piercings, anti eyebrow piercings, chest piercings, Christina piercings just to mention a few. These flesh sewn piercings can be located in almost every part of the body. Although a very popular type of piercing in modern culture, surface piercings are still considered a very fascinating taboo body display of which many people don't know much about but are intrigued to learn more of for sure. Surface piercings have a raw non-traditional piercing technique. Unlike traditional piercings, the surface piercings standard bar used when piercing is a double ended bar known as a surface barbell. The surface barbell is threaded underneath the skin into a second layer of tissue. This makes its healing procedure difficult and a much longer process than a conventional piercing. This piercing is nearly invisible. It's variety of jewelry tops is its only visible part. Although compared to a Dermal piercing, its unique entry and exit point into the skin place it in its own piercing category. The standard thickness of the surface barbell is 1.6mm(14g). This particular measurement helps prevent the rejection of the barbell from the body. The surface barbell comes in Surgical Steel and Titanium G23 and can also be produced in sizes 16mm to 35mm (5/8""- 1 1/2"").

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