Superior Body Jewelry and Piercing Supplies Guaranteed

International Silver has long been established as an international supplier of premium body jewelry and piercing supplies. Apart from expeditious processing and shipping, we pride ourselves on an online catalog of over 10,000 body jewelry items for professional piercers in the USA and other countries around the globe. All products are of the highest caliber and sold at fair prices. Our excellent sales team guarantees a smooth and effortless shopping experience.

Skillful Manufacturers

The meticulous manufacturing processes ensure no item has rough edges, dents, or scratches that are unattractive and can harbor microbes. Safe and appealing body jewelry items are guaranteed.

Thoroughly Polished Metals

All surgical steel body jewelry is polished exceptionally to create a mirror-like finish. This mirror smooth finish also helps to prevent certain issues during the healing period. When the shapes of items allow for it, items are polished by hand by our professional manufacturers.

Profound Quality Controls

High levels of quality are accomplished by precise quality checks prior to shipment. Each item is meticulously examined individually and the different parts of the body jewelry are tested so they fit securely and do not fall out. Besides, also the brightness of the crystals, stones, and the metal are assessed.

Professional Stock Control System

No professional piercer wants to be kept waiting or find the products ordered out of stock. International Silver has a professional stocking system that helps us meet the demand. Products from our online catalog are in stock and favorite items can be re-ordered for at least 3 years, unlike other wholesalers who often discontinue items after a year.

Experienced Customer Service Team

Our knowledgeable and highly-trained customer service team is well versed in many areas that are not limited to ordering, payment, and shipping. They are also experts about other topics such as what jewelry is in trend, what jewelry sells best in your area, as well as what size needles and jewelry is recommended.

Certified Manufacturing Resources

Quality materials such as 316L surgical steel, ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI), 925 sterling silver, 10 karat, and 14 karat gold, as well as acrylic, PTFE, BioFlex, and premium organic materials, are used for our body jewelry. View material quality certifications.