Here at International Silver Inc we believe that our approach to social environmental issues is very important in helping us pursue our goals. It is a clear reflection of who we are as a business, how our facilities are operated and the type of product we carry, as well as the ambiance we provide our employees with on a day to day basis. We have the responsibility to reduce our impact on Mother Nature and it is a critical aspect to which everyone is accountable for at International silver.

Our views are fully supported by our employees, management, higher directors and customers to improve our performance levels, energy use, materials, health and safety of our staff, consumers and planet earth. Improvements and changes that are made every year to benefit our business.

Here is how we do our part. Listed below are some the methods and principles we follow to ensure the achievement of minimal ecological impact:

  • Energy Consumption: Our offices use only energy efficient light bulbs and light emitting diodes (LED technology) to showcase our showroom.
    Everyone is responsible for turning off lights and other electrical devices when not in use.
  • Recycling: This is very important to us as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. We believe in reducing and reusing supplies. Our company does separate paper and plastic recycling. We reuse as much material as possible in house such as multipurpose paper for our printing and faxing purposes, product materials and plastic bags.
  • Proper disposal of any chemicals or batteries: We keep separate waste methods for both and follow the NYC Department of Sanitation guidelines when disposing such items.
  • Energy saving appliances: At our offices all of our energy consuming products have been carefully reviewed and selected to ensure our energy efficiency policy. We use Energy Star appliances. This environmental protection agency brand provides the superior protection of our climate.

International Silver Inc is an equal opportunity employer. We do not believe nor endorse child labor or labor violators. We reserve the right to be selective with our suppliers. We carefully analyze and select our suppliers to ensure common values and proper execution. Our boards of directors make regular visits to our suppliers guarantying that work regulations and safety standards are being met by company standards.

We believe in employee rights, job safety, health, law, supporting and constant training of our employees.

In short, we as a company not only embody and understand that sustainability is important and the right thing to do, but realize that it is our corporate value and business reflection.