Wholesale Nose Bone Studs

Nose Bone Studs are one of the most common nose piercing worn today. The nose bones simplicity and practical design make it one of the most familiar styles to the general public and professional piercers. Before nose jewelry was popular, considered common culture or fashionable, nose jewelry was known as a symbol of beauty, marital status, and tribal statements amongst many other cultural aspects. Today this fascinating piece of jewelry is very much a fashion statement. It made its way into the Fashion Industry as a statement of self-expression and rebellion to conservative values. The nose bones embellishing top decor, small post and end ball shape, make it an effective yet pretty stud that prevents the piercing from falling out making it very popular amongst consumers. It comes in many sizes but its most common size is 18g with a 1mm length. This makes it easy to fit, comfortable and almost invisible to the eye due to the fact that its post is small enough to be hidden in the nostril. Nose Bone studs come in a variety of designs, stones and smooth tops. It can also be made of different materials but its standard material use is surgical steel, especially during the initial piercing process. We offer these studs as single pieces, boxes and bulk quantities for all wholesale customers.

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