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Nose hoops also known as Nose Rings have played an immense part in expressing cultural values that can be detected back to biblical times as far as 4,000 years ago. Nose hoops mentioned in numerous ancient scripts have been associated with Indian, African and Muslim societies. The nose ring has represented a variety of intellectual achievements such as wealth stature, fertility and Marriage for many years. It is said that nose jewelry is only considered to be popular in American culture since the 20th Century after hippies visited India and brought it back to American culture as a fashion statement to enhance the appearance of the face. As body jewelry gains vast success and popularity nowadays, nose piercings are considered the second most popular body piercing after the ear. The nose hoop's advantage amongst other nose piercings is its circular design and flexible material which creates an easier and simpler cleaning process during the initial piercing. Nose rings are commonly referred to as great starter jewelry for a better healing process. We carry tons of different ring types. Our nose hoops come in a variety of beautiful embellishments, smooth and simple plating's, seamless, etc. The standard thickness of the nose hoop comes in 0.6mm and 1mm (22g and 18g). We offer many sizes, displays, bulk wholesale options, boxes and individual pieces.

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