Fake/Illusion Body Jewelry sold wholesale

Faux body jewelry or fake/illusion body jewelry has recently become one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry and piercing phenomenon. Piercings are definitely a fashion statement. Most people have thought about their desired piercing for a while before they actually proceed with getting their desired body part pierced. Others like the look a piercing can portray but do not aspire to go through the process of permanently creating wholes to their bodies. With the goal to satisfy all, the body jewelry industry has created fake piercings or illusion body jewelry. Fake/Illusion body jewelry is not permanent and allows you to experiment the look of a piercing without having to commit. Fake/Illusion body jewelry is placed on the surface of the skin given the appearance of a real body piercing. Fake/Illusion body jewelry can be clipped onto or tighten to your desired piercing location. Fake/Illusion body jewelry is made as an option for all real body piercing jewelry categories. We carry all sizes and body jewelry substitutes. We offer these items in Blister packages, display racks, wholesale bulk quantities and per piece.

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