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L shaped nose studs are one of the easiest studs to insert into the nostril. It's uppercase "L" shape bottom easily slides into the pierced area and rest against the inside of the nose making it a more comfortable stud to most of the population. This makes L shaped nose studs one of the top selling nose studs known today. Although once considered taboo, nose piercings have become one of the most accepted and highly requested statement pieces in recent times. L shaped nose studs are most commonly worn by men and woman who frequently change their nose rings due to the fact that they are the easiest type of nose ring to place in the nostril and fairly secure. These nose studs come with various tops designs such as CZ stone tops, gems, shapes and cutout designs. The L shaped nose studs standard gauge size is 22g (0.6mm). We offer these nose studs in a variety of displays, bulk items, single pieces and boxes.

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