Spirals/Twisters And Twisters sold wholesale

Spirals also known as Twisters, Spiral Barbells and Twisted Barbells are a uniquely shaped barbell body jewelry piercing used in many areas of the body such as eyebrows, ears, navel, nose, etc. Although used in all of these piercing areas, the spiral twister barbells are most commonly used as an ear piercing. The spiral / twister barbells coil shape can make it a little difficult at times to insert this piercing into the pierced area desired. This body piercing can come twisted up to three times around. Spiral twister piercings have a ball at each end. The beads at each end of the twisted barbell can come in many different shapes and materials such as cone shape, ball shape, spike shape, cube shape, etc. and materials such as acrylic, surgical steel, titanium, etc. Spiral / Twister barbells can come in many different gauges and materials according to the area being pierced. We carry this item in displays, bulk pieces, individual pieces and wholesale quantities.

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