Micro Curved Barbells sold wholesale

Micro Curved barbells can be used for many different piercing types. The micro curved barbells dainty and much more compact design was created to accommodate smaller piercing areas such as the eyebrow piercing. Curved barbells are also known as navel curve or curve due to its bent shape. Curved barbells just like a straight barbell can be both internally and externally threaded. The curvature of a barbell can extend from straight to circular and even spiral. The beads at each end of a barbell can vary in size and design such as cube, spike, round, cones and disk to name a few. Micro curved barbells come in many materials just like a regular barbell. It's most standard material would be Surgical Steel. We offer micro curved barbells in titanium, surgical steel, acrylic and more. We carry micro curved barbells in displays, bulk item, individual pieces and wholesale quantities.

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