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Plugs commonly known as Earplug or Ear spool is used in the modification of the earlobe. The plugs short cylinder shape is mostly worn in larger gauge piercings. The plugs flared ends or silicon O-ring add on secures it in the pierced area. Historically, plugs have been known to exist as one of the oldest forms of body jewelry traced as far back as 2000 years ago BC used as decorative ornaments for the earlobe amongst indigenous cultures such as the Mesoamerican Maya and Aztec cultures. The use of the plug helped establish Although worn in the ear, plugs can be inserted into almost any piercing. Frequently compared to Flesh Tunnel jewelry, the plug stands in its own category and unlike the flesh tunnel jewelry it does not have an open center. Plugs can be made of a large variety of materials (acrylic glass, metal, wood, bone, horn, etc) and come in many different types (double flared, single flared, straight plug, etc). We carry a large amount displays, wholesale quantities, individual pieces, materials and sizes for this product.

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