Wholesale Labret Studs Piercing

We provide the wholesale labrets studs that you need for your piercing or tattoo studio. Labrets are often referred to as "The Monroe Piercing". The labrets simple touch and similar look to Marilyn Monroe's iconic beauty spot give it its mainstream popularity and referral name. Labrets are defined as the decorative piercing of the upper and lower lip area. The labret can also be used when piercing areas such as the nostril and even cartilage of the ear. Labrets are also known as the tongue pillar or soul patch piercing. Labret studs come in many materials and designs to suit any piercing. The labrets diverse jewelry top options can fit any style. In recent times the labret stud is commonly used as a cheek piercing jewelry. The labrets standard size is 16 or 14 in gauge measurements. Its round base plate generally comes in a 4-5mm diameter. Accordingly to the labret studs piercing placement (lower- lip, upper lip, cheek, etc.) its standard post will vary in size.

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