Wholesale Bend It Yourself Nose Studs

Bend to fit nose studs are also commonly known as "Bend it yourself" or "Fishtail Studs". Bend to fit studs is more of a custom nose jewelry piece. The bend to fit nose studs extra long post length makes it a perfect nose ring for all nose types. As we all know not all facial structures are built the same. There are many different nose types and not all nose jewelry is made to be comfortable for all types. Bend to fit nose studs are a customizable piece that can be transformed into many types of nose rings, although most commonly into nose screws and L shaped studs to create a flawless personal fit for each customer. It's versatile shaping possibilities definitely catches the eye of a more detail oriented consumer. This nose ring is largely sold to professional piercers due to its intricate bending technique. The piercer uses a special device that sizes the nose giving you a perfect fit every time. Bend to fit nose rings are not suggested to be used as is, due to its more noticeable sighting in the nostril and its lack of bottom support making it easier to remove. The bend to fit nose rings standard gauge size is 22g (0.6mm). As other nose ring types it also comes in a variety of fashionable design tops. We offer these nose studs in a variety of displays, bulk items, single pieces and boxes.

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