Titanium Body Piercing for wholesale orders

Not all materials are meant to be inserted into the human body. Titanium G23 Implant Grade is one of the top materials approved as an ideal material for body piercing and medical use. Titanium G23 Implant Grade body jewelry has been tested and confirmed to be a perfectly suitable and safe metal used in the production of body jewelry. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) takes seriously the standards, rules and regulations on acceptable materials for both new and already healed piercings.

Titanium G23 is known to be the best in the Piercing Industry. Titanium G23 Implant Grade is one of the most popular titanium used for body jewelry and most recommended as well. Titanium G23 is nickel free and hypo-allergenic making it highly resistant to corrosion and less of a reactant to our body's natural chemical fluids. This Grade Implant can be easily anodized creating a numerous amount of exciting new looks. Titanium is a lightweight metal. The simplicity in its weight makes it a popular item when purchasing larger gauges. We offer all body piercing jewelry in Titanium in bulk.

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