Cheaters/ Illusion plugs and Tapers sold wholesale

Fake plugs and fake tapers also known as Cheater plugs or Cheater tapers are the perfect solution to those consumers looking for the stretched ear lobe look without making a commitment. With fake/cheater plugs or tapers you give the illusion that your ears are stretched. This illusion body jewelry can answer all of your needs before making a lifelong decision to stretch your skin from its normal state to infinity. Fake/ Cheater plugs and tapers are worn like normal earrings. This body jewelry piece is inserted into the ear like a regular earring and then sealed with a threaded back piece to secure its position in the ear. This expressive body jewelry is easy to apply and doesn't require any piercing or professional assistance. Fake/ Cheater plugs and tapers come in many different gauges and materials. Explore your desired stretching size before making the actual step or simply enjoy the look without going through the hassle. This body jewelry can be worn by both men and woman of any age. We offer these body jewelry non piercing items in displays, bulk items, individual pieces and wholesale quantities.

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