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We are probably the best Wholesale Cheap Body Jewelry and Piercing Distributor online. Established in 2001, we have today more than 3,000 wholesale customers from all around the world.

We provide quality economical piercings, accessories, parts and materials for professionals piercers at the best reduced price.

All our products pass strict quality controls and comply with several Material Quality Certifications. What makes us the best online piercing wholesaler with the cheapest prices in the market is our extreme attention to each item and having a rigorous Quality Control process in 2 steps that none of our competitors offers.

For your convenience, our multilingual customer service is always available to answer any question and offer you a unique and personalized service. In addition we will advise you on the different customs procedures, it is much easier than it seems.

283 Item(s)
283 Item(s)

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